Friday, October 30, 2009

Giants Resign Freddy Sanchez

Good news for Giants fans: Freddy Sanchez has been resigned and at a lower price that we had anticipated.  Sanchez had an option for one year at $8.1 million.  This is a little steep for a player who barely gave us any playing-time last year.  However, luckily, Sanchez has agreed to a two year deal at $12 million.  This is great, because we will have a solid .300 hitter for 2B for the next two years (assuming Sanchez's production won't drop a great amount), and for a price cheaper than we had expected. 

Here is a link to the story

In the story Sanchez noted how sorry he was that was unable to help the Giants into the post-season in 2009:

"I try to be as loyal a person as I can . . . . Being a part of this San Francisco Giants family, hopefully I can do what they traded for me to do." 

A real class-act.  I appreciate a player who is a humble and loyal to his team.  That is a rare quality these days.

Freddy Sanchez is already shaping up to be my favorite Giant of the 2010 season. 

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