Sunday, November 8, 2009

Angel Villalona Released?

I came across this bizarre tweet.  It notes that Angel Villalona has been released from jail upon paying $150,000 to the family of the man who was murdered two months ago.  First of all, I have no way to check the veracity of this.  Any fool could of made this up.  Even if the source is reliable, the tweet explains very little.  It does not appear this is some form of bail, however there is no equivalent in America.  In the American criminal justice someone, no one is ever released from jail simply by paying the family of the victim.  Only if one posts bail, by paying the court, can someone be temporarily released pending criminal charges.

I highly doubt this means the charges against Villalona have been dropped.  I imagine if the charges were dropped news sources would be popping up all over the place right now, considering he is the Giants' number one offensive prospect.

If Villalona is guilty of murder, clearly he should never play baseball in the United States (indeed, if he is found guilty of murder he probably will never return to the United States at all).  However, if this man is innocent this truly is a tragedy (not to mention the loss of life for the young man killed that night).  It could completely ruin this man's budding and promising career. 

Those who maintain that Villalona is innocent note that he is a celebrity in the Domincan town where he grew up, and is a target of frame-jobs like this.  I know nothing about Domincan culture, so I cannot comment on the veracity of that. 

All I can hope for is that the family of the murdered man will be able to see he who is responsible for this crime brought to justice, whether it be Villalona or some nameless thug. 

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