Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another Reason Why Giants Fans Are Better than Dodgers Fans

It hardly needs explaining, but Giants fans are vastly superior to Dodger fans. Dodger fans show up at the third inning and leave before the seventh. They tend to be the biggest fair-weather fans in Major League Baseball, and most of them show up to games just to fight and go to jail. In fact, this season, I am sure about 40% of Dodgers "fans" can't name a single player on the team besidew Manny Ramirez. That aside, I came across some interesting information that proves once for all how much better Giants fans are than their mentally disabled southern counterparts:


Year Attendance Percentage Record
2001 66.5 86/76 (W)
2002 69.0 92/70 (W)
2003 69.2 85/77 (W)
2004 76.9 93/69 (W)
2005 79.4 71/91 (L)
2006 82.9 88/74 (W)
2007 85.0 82/80 (W)
2008 82.2 84/78 (W)
2009 81.6 ****


Year Attendance Percentage Record
2001 100.1 90/72 (W)
2002 98.4 96/66 (W)
2003 97.1 100/61 (W)
2004 96.8 91/71 (W)
2005 94.6 75/87 (L)
2006 93.0 76/85 (L)
2007 95.8 71/91 (L)
2008 85.1 72/90 (L)
2009 85.8 ***

The statistics do not lie: in every season in recent memory the Giants have been able to fill their stadium more consistently than the Dodgers. Clearly, Giants fans are more loyal and more dedicated to their team, than those who follow the Dodgers. Even during losing seasons, Giants fans show up considerably more often than do Dodgers fans (Dodgers fans reading this might respond: "Oh yeah? Well we just don't have as many losing seasons!" Well, I'm sorry to say that the Giants have a better franchise win/loss record and percentage than do the Dodgers. Try again).

An astute baseball fan might say, "Well, that's not really fair. The Dodgers have a larger stadium than the Giants, so it is harder for the Dodgers to fill it up." It is true, Dodger Stadium has a significantly higher capacity than does AT&T Park (compare 56,000 to 42,000). But then again, there is a clear answer to that, and one that actually makes Dodgers fans look even worse: examine the populations of the two areas, and you will find that Los Angeles dwarfs the entire San Francisco Bay Area in terms of population. In fact, Los Angeles has some 8 million more souls living in it than does the Bay Area. This population difference in LA's favor should compensate for the much larger stadium. However, it fails to do so, proving even further how laughable Dodger-fans' dedication to their team is.

There are certainly some factors that probably led to a higher Giants attendance: Barry Bonds chasing the record, going to the World Series (LA fans probably can't even remember what that is like), and the opening of a new stadium. However, even in losing seasons, after Barry Bonds retired, and many years after AT&T opened, Giants fans still fill out their stadium better than do Dodgers fans.

And this is not to say that the Dodgers have had no reason for their fans to show up. The Dodgers have been a successful franchise during the past decade (and beyond). In the past ten years, the Dodgers have gone to the playoffs thrice (and will go a fourth time in 2009). Of course, because the Dodgers are a suckfest, they failed to win more than one playoff game between 1989 and 2007, but hey, they still made it to the playoffs, right?

Oh yeah, in that same period, the Giants won 17 post-season games. Ouch.

Who's the best? Suck it, LA.

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