Tuesday, September 15, 2009

COL 2 @ SFO 10; Giants Rebounding with a Fury!

Ladies and Gentleman, the San Francisco Giants are only 2.5 games behind the Colorado Rockies for the wild card, after decimating the Rockies for the second time in so many games. With Matt Cain taking the mound tomorrow, it looks like the Giants will be able to leave San Francisco for Los Angeles while only being 1.5 games behind the wild card. This is great news. The series with the Dodgers is the only series the Giants will have for the rest of the year against teams above .500. Luckily, the Rockies have two such series remaining in the year, one against the Dodgers and one against the Cardinals. If the Giants can come within 1.5 games, the chances of them tying the Rockies or overcoming them by the end of the season is pretty good. Last week I was fairly forlorn about our chances of seeing the post-season. Now, I think we can do it. We are definitely in this.

The game tonight was epic, and the Giants showed up. Everyone did. Zito's pitching was amazing. The Lefty walked one, struck out nine, and let up only on one in seven innings. What a thug. If they gave out Cy Youngs for the second half of the season, Barry Zito would win it. Hands down.

The offense showed up as well. The lineup tonight was similar to the ones seen in the past few days:

Velez (LF)
Sanchez (2B)
Winn (RF)
Sandoval (3B)
Molina (C)
Uribe (SS)
Ishikawa (1B)
Rowand (CF)
Zito (P)

Everyone got at least one hit tonight, except Rowand (who still got two RBIs) and Zito. Uribe was able to knock in three RBIs, and has really proven himself to be one b
ad ass. Bengie Molina had a great play, where he hustled in from third and was able to beat the throw. It was refreshing seeing him beat a throw for once. Good job Bengie!

I really like this line-up, and I am so afraid to see what will happen once Renteria returns. Bochey stated in his post-game interview that Rents would play tomorrow, which I hope to all that is holy and wonderful will not happen. However, tonight was a great victory, and I cannot believe the Giants have blown out their opponents three times in a row.

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