Monday, September 14, 2009

COL 1 @ SFO 9

Wow. Just wow. I am speechless.

Coming into this series, the Giants knew one thing: they had to win. Not only did they have to win, but in order to really get back into the playoff picture, the Giants need to sweep the Rockies while we have them here at the phone booth. We just embarrassed the Rockies so bad, I bet they are glad they only have to play in San Francisco for two more days. Hopefully I won't be eating my words, tomorrow is a crucial game, but I think the Giants just might get back in this thing.

I noted in an earlier post that Bochey made a good move by knocking Molina down to the fifth spot in the lineup. This was a great move, as tonight the offense really came alive and gave Tim Lincecum some of the best run-support he has seen all year. I do not know how much of this is attributable to Bengie batting in the fifth spot, but I hope Bochey keeps the trend up for the rest of the year (and hopefully the post-season).

I noted it in an earlier post but here was the lineup:

Velez (LF)
Sanchez (2b)
Winn (RF)
Sandoval (3B)
Molina (C)
Uribe (SS)
Ishikawa (1B)
Rowand (CF)
Lincecum (P)

Panda didn't have a good night; he went 0 for 4. One thing I have noticed, and he has done it all year, is the guy gets over-zealous and tries to hit anything that comes at him. Pablo is already a great hitter, however he really needs to learn how to take a pitch. This is what separates the men from the boys down the line. Barry Bonds was one mean hitter, and it wasn't just because he could crush a ball. He could see a pitch and knew how to read it. Pablo needs to take a lesson from Bonds and pick his pitches a little better.

Aaron Rowand had a crucial hit in the second run that ended up as a 2-run RBI. Molina, Ishikawa, and Uribe all got two hits tonight. Kudos to them. Randy Winn even put up a hit.

While Molina came through offensively for the team today, I am still very disappointed in his abilities and I really want him off the team. His defense continues to fade away. Molina can't make the throw to get guys out stealing second. I watched the same text-book steal happen three times during the game, and each time Molina was too throw to slow it over. Bengie also missed a change-up from Tim Lincecum that ended up being the only run scored against the Giants tonight. I hate to say it Bengie, but Buster Posey would not have let that go by. Oh well, here's looking forward to seeing Buster next year . . .

Tim Lincecum, as usual was a beast. He struck out 11 over the course of 7 innings, while giving up only 4 hits. Welcome to AT&T, welcome to K-ville.

Tomorrow is a crucial game. It is the one game I am truly worried about during this series against the Rockies. Zito takes the mound against Rockies Ace Ubaldo Jimenez. Jimenez is a good pitcher, and he has put up some good stuff against the Giants this year. Zito is a great second half pitcher, and I hope he will show up with the good stuff tomorrow. I also hope the bats keep up tomorrow and keep the runs rolling in. Zito is good, but he will definitely need the run support.

This series is crucial. Giants, you gotta keep your head in this, get the bats going, and keep the pitching good. If we sweep these suckers, then we go down to LA to show the blueberries how baseball is played in the west.

We aren't "in this thing" like we were before. But we might be in a couple days.

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